Alan Mckenna

North Hollywood Cinefest Awards Night

North Hollywood Cinefest Awards Night

As Nashville continues its amazing growth, I’m now considered a rarity in these parts-- a true Nashvillian.  Born and raised. 

After graduating from M.T.S.U., I started to cut my teeth in the country music video boom of the 90’s.  I worked as a P.A. then key grip to various artists such as Reba McIntyre, Toby Keith, Pam Tillis, Alan Jackson, Marty Stewart, Tracy Lawrence and so on.  Not only was I immersed in the production world, I was working with a crew that shot… and lit… film sets.  I was able to catch certain nuances with film crews that was different to what I was taught in college; a video production specific tenure. 

I worked on various short films around town for a few years, including my own short silent film that I wrote, produced and directed.  It became clear to me that story was everything.  “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.”  For the next several years, I studied screenwriting exclusively with the Tennessee Screenwriters Association; eventually becoming President and serving on the board for several years.  This also led to a stint teaching Intro To Screenwriting at Watkins College under their Continuing Adult Educations department. 

For the next the decade, my career was almost exclusively based in advertising at two direct response agencies in town.  My roles varied from Senior Producer to Brand Manager, and Creative Director.   I finally broke out on my own nearly two years ago, purely as a freelance producer, and have not regretted the move since.  Most recently I have produced two feature films for Uproar Pictures: The award-winning psychological horror “The Odds,” and currently in post is our second horror feature, “Gates of Flesh.”

Outside of my career, I’m a movie buff, love a good crime/thriller novel, music lover, avid racquetball player, follow the four major sports, and continue to dote on my awesome teenage (yikes!) daughter. 

If you made it this far, I’m impressed, because I have recently read that the average attention span of a human is now slightly less than a goldfish. 

Just keep swimming.